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Choosing your message

Guide customers to purchase by proactively answering their most common questions. Place key messages on how close the customer is to the free shipping threshold, how expensive shipping will be for a particular item, delivery timelines, return policies, promotions, inventory status, and cross-sells.

Wondering what message to share?

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Create Free Shipping Threshold

Set free shipping messages to display once a site visitor has a certain amount of items in their cart.
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Share shipping price before they click add-to-cart

Share your shipping price or information right above or below your add-to-cart button.
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Emphasize Free Shipping on Specific Products

Text elements emphasize specific products that are eligible for free shipping.
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Call out top sellers and popular products

Showcase your most popular products and tell your site visitors they're selling fast with a Banner.
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Communicate product information such as size.

If you offer apparel, sizing is the main factor in purchasing a product. Communicate this and other product information.
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Run limited-time offers based on tags and dates

Use the Rules Engine and tags to create limited-time offers that show up on specific products.
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Show delivery information before checking out

Free shipping promotions are often displayed in one of the most boring ways! Reduce abandoned cart rates by displaying delivery information.
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Upsell related products with Linkable Banners

Linkable banners build the upsell opportunity by encouraging customers to check out products and view them with one click.
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Show low stock information on low inventory products

Give your site visitors a sense of urgency by showing your inventory information. Whether it's out-of-stock notices or low inventory, display it on your product page.
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Ditch your "About Us" page!

Let site visitors know more about you without having to leave your product page and look for an "about us" page.
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Share product reviews above or below the add-to-cart button

Share what your customers are saying by putting a spotlight on customer reviews near your products.
Marisa in motion donation banner zoomed

Do you donate to charities or support any local organizations?

Try to be as specific as possible when it comes to supporting charity. Call out the charity by name and share impact metrics. Even if you think your impact might sound small, you can often find impactful metrics from the organization as a whole.
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Share sustainability information

Share any information including sustainability, units and measurements, sizing, and any product information.

These are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Now for tips on your branding... these are pro tips so don't worry if you don't get it right the first time!

Let's start with banner colors

Never Lost Swim White Background Banner

Make your Banners and Text Elements branded

We strongly encourage users to use their branding palette to keep their Banners branded.
Color suggestor

Pick the lightest color in your color palette. Your "secondary color".

If you don't have a lighter color in your brand palette, or you just don't have a brand palette yet, then google the color you want, like #f16776 and then see what other colors are in that family.
Never Lost Swim Banner
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Keep it simple with Text Elements

Text elements help get the most important message across your product page. This applies the same background color on your product page.
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One-liners with a white background

Keep your Banners simple by adding in one icon or emoji + your message, against a white background.
Salt Gypsy Banner

There are some sites that can pull off a dark blue or black banner...

If your top announcement bar and or your add to cart button are already dark colors, you may be able to pull it off, like Salt Gypsy!

What fonts and font colors should you choose?

Editor Basic Settings Text Element Example-1

Match your Shopify theme styling

Text elements and banners now “inherit your theme styling” meaning they will automatically match your Shopify theme fonts, colors and sizing.
Bad color example-1

Make sure you're following color accessibility guidelines

Plain and simple, don't put colors on top of other colors that make it hard to read or see. Like white on beige, grey on black, or a bright color on top of another bright color. We linked the official guidelines for this below.
Read More
Hanx Live Banner PDP- Desktop-1

Stick with the basics, like black and white.

The only example we've seen successfully branded with a colored font was this one. Unless you already have colored fonts on your site, avoid it in your banner!

Now for icons and icon colors

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There's a library of thousands of free icons, don't worry.

Feel free to start with the icon in the app editor template, or choose a free one from this awesome free library below. Just download in png. or jpg. format.
Find Free Icons
Bad logo color example

Make your icon the same color as your font, unless the icon is colored.

In most cases, your icon should be the same color as your font so the branding looks consistent. Unless you're using a colored icon like a blue and green planet.
Kuriosis zoomed banner

Colored icons can work, but make sure the colors are complimentary.

Plain and simple, don't put colors on top of other colors that make it hard to read or see. Like white on beige, or grey and black. We linked the official guidelines for this below.

Now you have your "look", but how do you make sure it formats correctly on your site?

Re-Apparel PDP Banner Zoomed

If your "add to cart" button is super short...

Don't try to squeeze in too much copy! The more copy you use, the longer your banner will get. This example is great because it not only uses an easy-to-understand analogy, but also really capitalizes on a small amount of space.
Henkaa Banner PDP

You may also choose the second banner style: left aligned with one icon.

This example shows our second templated banner style: left aligned with one icon.
Viv second banner

If your add to cart button is medium - long, you have two options.

This example shows our first banner style: center aligned with two icons. This is a great option, especially if your add to cart text is also centered.
Easy Period PDP Banner

If your banner isn't showing up in the right place (or at all), give us a ping.

Sometimes custom sites or subscription sections like this one can make it tricky to automatically place your banner in the right place. Don't worry we can help.

Still have questions? Grab 15 minutes on our calendar below.