Okay you're in the editor, what story do you tell?

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Choosing your story

From your Founder story, to your sustainability initiatives, factory info, certifications, donations, COVID updates, news, or even just beliefs, there are tons of stories to choose from. Below is some inspiration to get started.
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Starting with the obvious, why'd you start your company?

Telling your Founding story is always our go to for a starter story. Because literally EVERYONE has one. What are you setting out to change? What lights your fire as a Founder?
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Are you female or minority owned?

If one of your Founders is a minority, this is an awesome story to share. The odds are against us, so heck yea, rep that status!
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Do you have a sustainability story?

Do you offset carbon emissions on shipping? Do you avoid using plastic in your packaging? Are you mindful that your materials or ingredients are ethically sourced? What process do you have for end of life- recyclable or biodegradable?
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What's the impact of your product?

Do you have an equation for social or environmental impact on any of your products? Can you calculate how your product produces less CO2 emissions, water waste, landfill waste, less harm on animals, plants, or people? Share the specific numbers and create multiple campaigns if you need to.
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Use analogies to make it easier to understand

Kiddie pools, bathtubs, showers, really any unit of measurement that's more fun than just pounds or gallons!
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Do you donate to charities or support any local organizations?

Try to be as specific as possible when it comes to supporting charity. Call out the charity by name and share impact metrics. Even if you think your impact might sound small, you can often find impactful metrics from the organization as a whole.
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For apparel brands, do you offer a wide variety of sizes?

Do you have a story to tell on encouraging body positivity and inclusion? Call it out!

These are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

We've seen use cases across all of the above, but also non-cause content like return policies, sizing info, COVID updates, discount codes, promotions, etc. 

Hanx covid example

Now for tips on your branding... these are pro tips so don't worry if you don't get it right the first time!

Let's start with banner colors

Never Lost Swim White Background Banner

Try not to use a white background

We strongly discourage using a white background. It puts too much strain on the site visitor's eyes!
Color suggestor

Instead, pick the lightest color in your color palette. Your "secondary color".

If you don't have a lighter color in your brand palette, or you just don't have a brand palette yet, then google the color you want, like #f16776 and then see what other colors are in that family.
Never Lost Swim Banner
Salt Gypsy Banner

There are some sites that can pull off a dark blue or black banner...

If your top announcement bar and or your add to cart button are already dark colors, you may be able to pull it off, like Salt Gypsy!

What fonts and font colors should you choose?

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Stick with the basics, like black and white.

The only example we've seen successfully branded with a colored font was this one. Unless you already have colored fonts on your site, avoid it in your banner!
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Make sure you're following color accessibility guidelines

Plain and simple, don't put colors on top of other colors that make it hard to read or see. Like white on beige, grey on black, or a bright color on top of another bright color. We linked the official guidelines for this below.
Read More
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Stick with fonts that are already on your site. Don't get too fancy on us!

Choose a font that's already on your site to avoid slowing down the loading time. If you don't know your site font, you can right click on any text to inspect the code. As always, we can help too.

Now for icons and icon colors

Icon Library

There's a library of thousands of free icons, don't worry.

Feel free to start with the icon in the app editor template, or choose a free one from this awesome free library below. Just download in png. or jpg. format.
Find Free Icons
Bad logo color example

Make your icon the same color as your font, unless the icon is colored.

In most cases, your icon should be the same color as your font so the branding looks consistent. Unless you're using a colored icon like a blue and green planet.
Kuriosis zoomed banner

Colored icons can work, but make sure the colors are complimentary.

Plain and simple, don't put colors on top of other colors that make it hard to read or see. Like white on beige, or grey and black. We linked the official guidelines for this below.

Now you have your "look", but how do you make sure it formats correctly on your site?

We currently offer three banner style options in app. Here they are: 

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Viv second banner

If your add to cart button is medium - long, you have two options.

This example shows our first banner style: center aligned with two icons. This is a great option, especially if your add to cart text is also centered.
Henkaa Banner PDP

You may also choose the second banner style: left aligned with one icon.

This example shows our second templated banner style: left aligned with one icon.
Re-Apparel PDP Banner Zoomed

If your "add to cart" button is super short...

Don't try to squeeze in too much copy! The more copy you use, the longer your banner will get. This example is great because it not only uses an easy-to-understand analogy, but also really capitalizes on a small amount of space.
The Phluid Project PDP Banner

To save space, you may also choose not to have an icon.

The third banner style "Left aligned banner with no icon" is a good option to save space for your copy! Like The Phluid Project did here.
Banner width adjustment

Make your banner longer or shorter by adjusting the banner width.

You have tons of flexibility within the Because editor to change the formatting of your banner! If it doesn't look right, try playing around with the banner width in % or px, and the margin top + margin bottom.
Easy Period PDP Banner

If your banner isn't showing up in the right place (or at all), give us a ping.

Sometimes custom sites or subscription sections like this one can make it tricky to automatically place your banner in the right place. Don't worry we can help.

Copywriting tips coming soon...

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Still have questions? Grab 15 minutes on our calendar below.