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Before Because: Beautiful Klaviyo emails, but no follow through

The Viv team relied on Klaviyo newsletter emails to share their sustainable mission. Their emails look amazing, but the bummer was that there was no follow up on their product page.
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After Because: Klaviyo Emails that direct to cause product banners

Now with Because "About Us" banners, the Viv team can make sure their customer experience is consistent from their Klaivyo emails through to their product pages!

"We needed a way to seamlessly continue our sustainable messaging after our Klaviyo Welcome Email flow."

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Katie Diasti Founder Viv for your V

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How this sustainable period care brand ensured consistency across their customer touchpoints👇

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No follow up from your Klaviyo Welcome email flow?

Especially selling to Gen Z'ers - one of the toughest generations to BS - sustainable period care brand, Viv for your V, needed a way to expand beyond their impactful emails and continue their sustainability messaging into their customer buying journey on site.

When it comes to engaging socially conscious consumers today, you have to have all your customer touchpoints set up correctly to show them your social mission isn’t just an afterthought. 

But how do you do that? 

Well, when consumers first arrive on your site, let's look at what their typical buying journey looks like:

Arrive at home page.

Navigate to your product grid.

Click into a product page to check it out deeper.

Look at the pictures and MAYBE read the product description, but probably not. 

MAYBE add to cart to come back to later.

Click back to the grid and keep browsing.

And most of the time, bounce.

Viv Our Story Page

So, where does your "Our Story" page fit into their path to purchase after your Klaviyo email flow? Oh right, it doesn't.

Today, store owners like Katie are collecting email information as much as possible because they know their customer typically needs more nurturing to complete their purchase. 

Your customer wants to fall in love with your brand. They want to connect to you on a deeper level.

But we don't need to tell you that.

If you're like most stores today, you probably call out your social mission, your super cool Founding story, and maybe your give-back efforts somewhere in your Klaviyo Welcome email flow or Newsletter.

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How to use Because + Klaviyo together to create a consistent and delightful buying experience for the "no B.S." Millennial

Because is a new Shopify app that helps you ditch stale “About Us” pages and instead add cause banners right into your product pages above your add to cart button. So the next time your customer clicks on the above email after seeing your awesome mission, you have a follow up in their next touch point.

But here's the magic:

You can share a different story on every single product, making your site as customized as possible to each socially conscious consumer’s buying journey.

If you have a Klaviyo email flow about your new line of organic cotton T shirts, you can share a follow up message about the environmental impact of those cute T's right on those product pages.

Same goes for a breast cancer campaign only including your pink fuzzy socks.

Consistent and delightful experience for the "take no BS Millennial"? Yup.

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No-code </> implementation:

The Viv team used Because to add “no-code” cause banners across their product detail pages. They were able to brand every single element of their banners to match the adorable green Viv brand and site compatibility, from their copy, to their colors, fonts, icons, banner width, etc. All without any code.

Their Because banners, shown in the screenshot above, now make it so that their customer doesn’t have to go to their “About Us” page to learn what they stand for. It’s all just right along their path to purchase. Easy peasy! 

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Choosing the right products:

Rather than hiring a developer to code a custom banner and message for each product (some have different levels of environmental impact or are related to different stories), the Viv team was able to use the Because product selector that directly integrates into their Shopify SKU’s.

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"Do it! It's easy and makes a big difference for your business!"

In response to our question, "What's your advice for people new to Because?"

James Bello Founder Shameless Pets

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Watch a 5 min demo of Because below:

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