Henkaa Our Story Purple Background

Before Because: Our Story Page

Henkaa has an About Us tab on the top of their site. While their journey is powerful and inspiring, their visuals for the “Our Story” page had room to grow. To amp up consumer engagement, they needed to swap the white background and black text for an eye-catching, direct message.
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After Because: No Code Banners

No-code Because banners above their "add to cart" buttons showing the right message on every product.

"We have strong values in diversity and inclusion, sustainability and women's empowerment, and we weren't able to highlight that very well on our product pages. Because helped us solve this problem."

In response to our question, Why did you sign up for Because?

Sonia Dong Henkaa


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What is Henkaa?

Henkaa believes women can stress less when they get dressed. Henkaa is the solution to finding a dress that fits all body types, sizes and personal styles. Their dresses can be wrapped and tied 10+ different ways, creating a unique look every time.

Their mission:

Henkaa’s core values revolve around empowering women to look and feel good when dressing up for a special occasion. They’re making the fashion space more inclusive by fitting up to size 24. They also strive to create less waste with special occasion wear that can be worn again and again, without being seen as an “outfit repeater.”

Founder Mission Zoomed

Their social impact was going unnoticed.

To honour the legacy and vision of their late founder Jo, Henkaa is dedicated to supporting the Joanna Duong Chang Memorial Foundation to help women and girls reach their fullest potential. 2020 is their 10 year anniversary, and they are proud to have helped countless women discover the freedom that convertible clothing provides and be recognized as a body-positive brand that uplifts women with clothing that looks and feels great. 

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No-code </> implementation:

Henkaa used Because to add “no-code” cause banners across their product detail pages. They were able to brand every single element of their banners to match the Henkaa image and site compatibility, from their copy, to their colors, fonts, icons, banner width, etc. All without any code.

Their Because banners make it so that their customer doesn’t have to go to their “About Us” page to learn what they stand for. It’s all just right along their path to purchase!


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"Our first story focused on how one Henkaa convertible dress can replace 10 in your closet. This helps women to both simplify their lives and easily divert waste from landfill at the same time..."

In response to our question, "Tell us about the first story you told using Because- what cause did you want consumers to know about?"

Sonia Dong Henkaa

Body Positivity Zoomed

Choosing the right stories:

Their first no-code banner had to have heart. Henkaa wanted to show their consumers that this wasn’t a cause-marketing stunt, but that they truly cared about their social mission. They then expanded to 5 more stories across their site, all showing only on the relevant products, all without the help of a developer.

Product Selector- Founder Story

What was the impact?

Because allowed Henkaa to promote their social impact with saved time and energy. The implementation was straightforward and user friendly, making it easy for the brand to jump on the cause-marketing train. Henkaa saw a 2.54% conversion rate with their first campaign and plans to continue utilizing the Because banners to engage even more customers!

Henkaa saw a 6.3% increase in their cart metrics. 🛒

"Because helps us to easily share our story and connect with our ideal customers in an authentic way."

In response to our question, "What value does Because bring to your business?"

Sonia Dong Henkaa


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