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Before Because: Our Story Page

The Shameless Pets team relied on the typical "Our Story" or "About Us" Page. No doubt, the story was great, but no one was reading it.
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After Because: Cause Banners

No-code cause banner above their "add to cart" button showing the right cause story on every product.

"We needed a way to communicate our sustainable messaging in a clear and concise manner on our site."

In response to our question, Why did you sign up for Because?

Alex Waite Shameless Pets

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All the deets on how this sustainable pet food company grew their Shopify business by 243%👇

What is Shameless Pets?

The story of Shameless Pets started when their co-founder James, saw the vast amount of food that would go unused in stores every week. He found out that in the US alone over 63 million tons of food gets tossed out every year! 

During dinner one night James had the “lightbulb” moment: he could rescue unused ingredients and turn them into healthy dog treats.

He met co-founder Alex at a startup event who also shared a passion for the environment, was a dog lover AND a food scientist. Together, they whipped up four tasty treat flavors and launched their brand with retailers nationwide. 

Their social mission:

Not only are Shameless Pets treats nutritious, but they're sustainable too. Shameless Pets rescues healthy ingredients so they don't go to waste causing needless greenhouse gases - that’s called Upcycling!

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Their sustainability initiatives were going unnoticed.

The problem wasn't that they didn't have a story to tell; it was that Shameless Pets’ environmental work was going unnoticed.

They have a super cool story laid out on their “Our Story” page and tons of awesome facts and figures on  the environmental impact associated with food waste on their “Upcycling” page but, they didn’t want to distract their buyers by sending them there.

They hoped that if more customers learned about their founding mission and the amazing environmental impact associated with their products, they’d feel even better about purchasing. 

When they finally added Because to their PDPs, 237% more people added to cart.

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No-code </> implementation:

The Shameless Pets team used Because to add “no-code” cause banners across their product detail pages. They were able to brand every single element of their banners to match the Shameless Pets brand and site compatibility, from their copy, to their colors, fonts, icons, banner width, etc. All without any code.

Their Because banners, shown in the screenshot above, now make it so that their customer doesn’t have to go to their “About Us” page to learn what they stand for. It’s all just right along their path to purchase. Easy peasy! 

Shameless Pets Editor

Choosing the right copy:

Sustainability can be overwhelming, so they broke down their environmental impact with clear stats and numbers. For example, their first story featured this message:

“Every 6 bags purchased equals 1 pound of food rescue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” This was also a nod to an upsell push when shown on the pack of 5 bags. Smart!

"We wanted people to understand the impact their purchase was making on reducing food waste... "

In response to our question, "Tell us about the first story you told using Because- what cause did you want consumers to know about?"

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Choosing the right products:

Rather than hiring a developer to code a custom banner and message for each product (some have different levels of environmental impact or are related to different stories), the Shameless Pets team was able to use the Because product selector that directly integrates into their Shopify SKU’s.

Shameless Pets Product Selector

"A simple and straight forward solution to helping our customers understand their impact, which ultimately increased our conversion!"

In response to our question, "What value does Because bring to your business?"

Alex Waite Shameless Pets

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What was the impact?

We used A/B testing to measure the results of adding Because banners to Shameless Pets’ site. So, 50% of their site visitors saw the Because banner, while the other 50% did not (they just saw the standard site experience). 

Through the course of the experiment, the group exposed to Because had a conversion rate of 23.93% compared to 6.97% for the group that didn’t see Because. That’s a 243% lift! 

So, what does this mean? 

For every 100 orders a month, the Shameless Pets team would sell 143 extra with Because! But, sales wasn’t the only impact Shameless Pets saw from Because. They also saw a major difference in the number of people adding to cart (27% versus 8%).

We project 1400 more people will know about their mission by next October! That’s significantly more than with their “Our Story” page.

The Shameless Pets attributed 37% of their Shopify store revenue to influence by Because.

"Do it! It's easy and makes  a big difference for your business!"

In response to our question, "What's your advice for people new to Because?"

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Watch a 5 min demo of Because below:

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