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Before Because: About Page

The Phluid Project dedicates their brand to supporting the LGBTQ community. But, all of their amazing work was isolated to their About Us tab which was hidden from their homepage and product grid.
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After Because: Cause Banners

No-code cause banner above their "add to cart" button showed their consumers that their money was going straight to LGBTQ communities around the world.

"Our brand was built on supporting diversity/inclusion and  the LGBTQ community, and we weren't able to highlight that very well on our product pages. Because helped us solve this problem through banners above our add to cart buttons."

In response to our question, Why did you sign up for Because?

Rob Smith The Phluid Project

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Read more to see how this non-binary clothing company grew their online platform 🙌

What is The Phluid Project?

The Phluid Project is the world's first gender non-conforming clothing store. Launched in 2018 in NYC, they joined a movement to challenge boundaries within humanity. Their core values include acceptance, integrity, and fearlessness. 

Their social mission:

Their mission is to empower individuals to be themselves without judgement or fear - only freedom. They do this by partnering with LGBTQ speakers and charities, creating a space where everyone feels heard through activism and education.

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The story behind their company was going unnoticed.

Their founder, Rob Garrett Smith, made sure that The Phluid Project was more than just a clothing company. They hold public panels educating their audience on LGBTQ issues and events that bring communities together. Proceeds from The Phluid Project go directly to support queer and minority owned brands and donations to queer charities. 

When they added Because to their product pages, their conversion rate increased 58% 💥


No-code </> implementation:

The Phluid Project used Because to add “no-code” cause banners across their product detail pages. They were able to brand every single element of their banners to match the Phluid Project image and site compatibility, from their copy, to their colors, fonts, icons, banner width, etc. All without any code.

Their Because banners make it so that their customer doesn’t have to go to their “About Us” page to learn what they stand for. They'll see that their money is going to a socially driven cause. 

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Starting the conversation:

The goal for the Phluid Project was to get their customers interested enough about their social mission to want to learn more. The brand has dozens of videos on their website including panels, podcasts and interviews all revolving around education for the LGBTQ community. 

"Our first story focused on how we employ 100% diverse hires, bring together queer and minority owned brands to shop from, and support a number of incredible queer charities in the community."

In response to our question, "Tell us about the first story you told using Because- what cause did you want consumers to know about?"

Rob Smith The Phluid Project

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What was the impact?

With a 58% conversion lift and a 59% cart increase, the numbers don't lie. The Phluid Project saw firsthand that doing good is good for business! More importantly, Because allowed them to share a mission they're truly passionate about in just a few easy steps. This allows them to continue posting banner campaigns and teaching their customers the values of their brand.

The Phluid Project saw a 59% cart increase. 💸 

"Because helps us to easily share our mission on our product pages- without needing a developer or a designer"

In response to our question, "What value does Because bring to your business?"

Rob Smith The Phluid Project

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